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Bar Service

One essential area for function and event hire is service equipment – those items needed in order to serve your guests. It doesn’t matter what type of event or function you’re hosting you’ll need serving items. From food platters to drinks trays, bread baskets to salad bowls, tongs to ice scoops, drink tubs to non-slip mats and more, we have the full range available for you.


We have a range of food service platters available in various shapes and sizes. We have stainless steel or china platters, round or oval. We also have round drink service or wait-trays in black plastic, timber or stainless steel with non-slip pad, and rectangular timber food serving trays also available.

Platter 370mm

Platter 450mm

Platter s/s 450mm

Platter s/s 500mm

Platter s/s 550mm

Platter s/s 600mm

Salad Bowl 230mm

Serving Tray

Wooden Drinks Tray

Round Drinks Tray s/s with non-slip mat (optional)

Bar Service

From free-standing bars to a pair of ice tongs we have everything you need to set up a full service bar at your next event. Stainless steel punch bowls which double as ice buckets for attractive display of wine and champagne, to actual ice tubs, from bar tables to cocktail shakers, we have it all.

Champagne Ice Bucket

Ice Tub
Large enough to hold 2 cases of beer

Punchbowl Stainless Steel

Perspex Backlit Bar
Available in white, red and green backlight
1.8m x 1.1m x 0.6m

Ice Tongs

Ice Scoop

Cocktail Shaker

Oval Ice Tub

Ice Tub with Stand