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Long and Square Tablecloths

We have square and rectangular tablecloths to suit all sizes of table, to allow for almost any ‘drop’ length preferred. These are available in black and white, and include ‘boxed’ tablecloths in black for 1.8m long trestle table.


Colour: White and black

Our round tablecloths come in a range of sizes:

White Rectangle/Long

  • 2.7m x 1.37m
  • 3.4m x 1.37m
  • 3m x 2m

White Square

  • 1.4m
  • 1.8m
  • 2.1m
  • 2.4m
  • 3m

Black Rectangle/Long

  • 2m x 3m

Black Square

  • 1.8m
  • 2.4m